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An innovative comment system for your website

Engage your community

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An innovative platform for your community

No more disorganized discussions piled on several pages.
With Graphcomment, you can easily follow the relevant discussions.

A comment thread with GraphComment

Bubble Flow

Innovative interface composed by a dynamic thread in real time. It makes the reading and writing of comments more pleasant. The targeting of the best discussions never been so easy.

Bubble Rank

Relevant algorithm which sort comments of discussions and reduce the 'Troll' and spam.

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Designed for media websites and blog publishers

Get the best of your discussions and community

Editorializable discussions

Select a discussion, name it, and create a sharing and reading link in header.

Universal and easy to install

Easy to put on all platform, (Wordpress, ...) universal code.

SEO Friendly

More backlinks due to the discussions sharing system.

Easy Administration

Automatic filtering of abusive behavior to reduce thoroughly the moderation human cost.

Easier Authentication

Our entire system of Social Login offer to your users all the reason of starting without thinking.

Secured Data

Our system is based on dedicated servers in France. Your data is protected and will be always yours.

The editor choice with GraphComment
Interested ? Don't hesitate to test GraphComment on your website Install for free
The vote with GraphComment

Vote, share, and your e-reputation will make the difference !

relevant comment system

An efficient vote system

Your vote will make the difference according to your e-reputation.

sharing entire discussions

Sharing of entire discussions

Share any thread on social networks.

Boost your community interaction

A real social dimension with our user profile and real time notification of new comments.

Make your comments famous

Now, you can follow your comments on thousands of website. Build your reputation without all the impostors to take credit.

Be consider for your opinions

Be a comment rock star building your e-reputation through the entire web, avoid all the copy and troll.

Centralized and manage your comments easily

All your comments are centralized in your page. Your idea are easy to follow, your comments are promoted.

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