Here the questions most asked by the Graphcomment new users. If you have any additional question, please ask us with the contact form.

How much does Graphcomment cost ?

All basic features of Graphcomment are totally free of charge with «PERSONAL» plan. With this offer all Graphcomment basic features are included and the system is totaly functional. If you happen to need more features, you will be invited to purchase the desired feature. Please refer to pricing page of the site for more information .

We have a very big website with a lot of traffic. Should we ask for a special support ?

You are invited to select the right level of support and the features you need, in terms traffic to be supported, of number of moderators accounts, and of number of languages to be be supported simultaneously in your site. All rates are available on pricing page.
You will be able to adjust the rate on a daily basis, and adjust the service level to your need. In this case, you will be billed on the real per day usage of the service.

Thanks to the scalable architecture deployed, bandwith and traffic support are under continuous monitoring to adjust the capability of the Graphcomment service needs. This is the way to be adapted to your needs and growth.

Is Graphcomment able to support more than one language ?

Currently Graphcomment is available in Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. This will evolve regularly. Please consult the official site.

What is the impact of Graphcomment on the loading time of our site ?

Graphcomment is loaded in a completely asynchronous way. Meaning it will not slow down your site nor affects the viewers.

Is Graphcomment useful for referencing (SE0) ?

We have put in place everything necessary for that comments be indexable by search engines through the user page of each member.
It is proved that a page of a site that has a comment box increases the time spent by users on this page. This translates into more pages seen thus more comments. This ensures continual updates to your pages and therefore a page that engines should re-index frequently.

Do I still remain the owner of the data when using Graphcomment ?

Yes, you own your data.
Site owners can easily retrieve all comment data of their site at any time.
Users own their content and provide a permanent license to Graphcomment having accepted our terms and conditions. This includes the management of any issues of liability that may arise with this content. For the media site owner, we also provide them a permanent license. This means that he can recover all the content produced on his website, and that he can dispose of and use, as he sees fit and in permanent way. For this we put at his disposal a tool to export all data in the administration of his website.

What should we do if we need a Log in function like SSO (Single Sign-on) ?

SSO are available on a per request basis. These tools are delivered and supported by Graphcomment technical team. They are part of custom service plan. Please inquire through contact page of the site.

For editors

Why are the comments not available on the site, but can only be found from the management tool ?

Moderation mode can be selected as "Pre-moderation" or "Post-moderation".

In Pre-moderation, any comment must be validated by site moderation manager prior to be available on the discussion thread.

In Post-moderation all comments are directly inserted in the comment/discussion flow on the site. Even if cleared automatically, there is always the possibility to choose if comments are to be kept or withdrawn.

You can switch easily between the two modes.

What is the unique ID ?

All websites using Graphcomment have a short name to identify your site. It help to identify you and display the comments of your site on your pages.

How do I enable Graphcomment onto my site ?

For this, first you need a single user account, then go to the Graphcommentadministration.
You will find a button "Add a site" that allows you to add your site.
You have to give the name of your site and choose a unique identifier to allow us to link comments to your site. You can then find a "installation setup" tab in which are detailed all installation procedures.

How to Install the Graphcomment extension on my WordPress Blog ?

You already have a WordPress blog, and want to replace the basic comment system with Graphcomment.

Nothing more simple, you just install Graphcomment plugin dedicated to Wordpress available in the tab "Install" or directly from the site WordPress site https://wordpress.org/plugins/graphcomment-comment-system/.

You can then configure the Graphcomment plugin directly into your Wordpress blog administration.

How do I keep the old comments of my WordPress blog ?

When installing, you will be able to select the date of start of the Graphcomment comments. All previous comments will be shown in the ancient way. ie: if you select the date of installation of Graphcomment, then you will be able to see all ancient comments as well.

How to synchronise my WordPress comments with Graphcomment ?

You are able to synchronise all new graphcomment comments into the existing WordPress data blog. You will then be able to have a back up copy of all comments.
Go to the tab "Syncrhonization". Then synchronization will start, and repeat every 7 hours.

How to proceed to moderation ?

Graphcomment moderation window Tab, has five tabs:

Pending: All new comments pending for acceptance, in case of Pre-moderation only.
Refused : All comments refused when in pre-moderation mode: those comments have never been available on the site.
Approved : All comment that are on the site ( when received in post moderation , or after approval in pre-moderation)

Deleted : all comment stha t have been retreived form the comments after having been inserted in Post-modertion mode: instead there is a "This comment has been deleted by the moderator" message.
All: All comments of the site ever posted by users.
Actions to be taken:
  • Approve : Approve a pending comment
  • Refused : Refuse a pending comment
  • Delete : delete a comment previously approuved
  • Mark as spam : Refuse or delete a comment and mark it as spam, usefull to identify spammers.

How to define the comments level shown on first openning ?

You can choose the immediate drill down depth shown when openning in the monitoring tab "Parameters". When charging the page, all comments of the first level will be openned.This option can let you select the number of level shonwn immediately.The number of levels shown has a direct effect on how many comments are shown on the openning, and the lenghth of the first page. This is merely important for high number of comments sites

How to define how many comment are to be shown on first openning ? before the button "see more"

The "See more" button is display depending of how many thread you want to be loaded with the page.
Go to "parameters" tab in the back office to change it.

How to add a new language available for my users ?

Go to "Parameters" tab to set up the languages.
Slide the languages available for your community. The number available depend of your subscription. Graphcomment display at first the browser language then the users can change in their profils a preffered language among thoses you install.

How to editorialize a discussion and pin it in the top discussions section ?

The top discussion widget just before the threads allow to create a title linked to a full discussion into the comments.To create one, you must be authenticated as administrator click on the 'my profil' menu at the top. Then click "Editor's mode" to activate it.Now you can select a discussion by checking selected comments and validate.Finally, give it a name.

For Commentators

Which browers are compatible with Graphcomment ?

The minimum required browsers are :

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome 24+
  • Firefox 14+
  • Safari 5.1+

What are the tablets and phones supported ?

Graphcomment is build as a Responsive Web Design, meaning it adapts automatically to all operating systems and all resolutions of a minimum of 300 pixels wide systems. Then it extends to a maximum 880 pixels wide. We support the following mobile devices:

  • Mobile Safari, iOS 7+
  • Mobile Chrome, Android 4.1+
  • Mobile IE, Windows Phone 8+

How is calculate the relevance to sort the comments ?

We use our ranking algorithm by relevance, "Bubble Rank", which uses many elements to make this calculation. The thread of comments and responses are sorted from most relevant on top left at least relevant in the bottom right. That is, as time passes by, the best answers get in first. Among the elements that make Graphcomment effective, is that it relies on community votes which are required to reply to a message and are themselves weighted by e-reputation of our members for each site.

What is the role of the user's reputation ?

This reputation is calculated using several indicators selected by the moderation team and the users themselves through their votes.

Can someone comment in guest mode without registration ?

We encourage users to build an identity that has its own reputation. It is not necessarily linked to a true civil identity but we wish there was a continuity to evolve this e-reputation. This is why it is not possible to comment directly on no account Graphcomment. We make it easy to create an account to leave comments in a single click thanks to the "social login" (connection through a social network certification authority) and we hope that users trust us to protect their data belonging to them.

How do I create an account on Graphcomment ?

Very simple, just click on "register" at the top right of Graphcomment on a site to access an account creation area. In a few simple steps you can create an account with one of the most popular social networks or by email if you wish. You receive an email account creation confirmation thereafter.

I see yak.li type of links, what is it ?

Graphcomment has its own short-link system. It allows to share a short url (example: http://yak.li/xyz) any succession of comments in the tree of the discussions. By opening a Yak.li address in a browser, we find exactly the conversation you selected when you created the link by clicking "share". We named it Yak.li, it was inspired by the phrase "to yak" in slang English meaning something like "babbling".

How can we follow others ?

Every commentator has a mini profile card that can be seen flying over their avatar to the left of each message. Moreover, you can also see the page of each user that contains all the messages posted on all sites that use Graphcomment. To follow others, you simply click on their nickname in a message to open his/her page in a new browser window.

How to change display language on Graphcomment ?

Graphcomment loads in the language of your browser if it is made available by the site that installed Graphcomment. You can set your preferred language to be displayed, among the languages available on the site, so click on the user menu (top right your name) and click on "My Profile" and change the language and save.

How to vote on a comment ?

Once logged in, you have the opportunity to vote on all posted comments. Simply click on "vote" on each comment. You will have access to a polling strip or you will select a quality from a list. The vote on Graphcomment is qualitative and weigh in relative terms depending on your e-reputation. To reply to a comment, you will have to vote on this message before, in order to require reciprocity in trade to build a community that is self-regulating.

How do I signal a problem with a comment ?

With Graphcomment qualitative voting system, you have the opportunity to qualify directly comment in a nuanced way of its problematic nature. More the Comment receives negative advices, the more it will be downgraded to the display until it disappears after reaching a certain threshold.

Why is my comment does not appear or does not appear any more ?

Each moderating team using Graphcomment has to chose weither to function in pre-moderation or in post-moderation mode. If in pre-moderation at the time of submitting a comment, you'll see a message indicating that the message is pending validation. You must then wait your message to be moderated by the site. If despite that your message does not appear, it means that the moderators felt that your message violated their charter. If the site is set to post-moderation, comments appear as soon sending to the site but can then be removed. If they are deleted, a message that this comment was removed appear instead of your comment if it has received at least one response, otherwise it just disappears.

How do I find all my own comments ?

Each user has its own page that lists all messages. To access simply click on your username in the upper right once logged in then click on "My comments". You will see all your comments.

Will I be notified if I get a response to my comment ?

Yes, you will receive an email with the content of the response each time one of your comments gets a response.

How to Share a comment or discussion on social networks ?

Nothing more simple, a link to "share," is always available at any level of discussion you have opened in the discussions tree. Then choose the social network you want to share this discussion.

How to get a share link of a comment or discussion ?

Nothing simpler, link "share" is always available at any level of discussion you have opened in the discussions tree. A window will open in which a short link yak.li type is created. This link is a direct link to the exact and entire discussion that you had open.

Why don't I get anymore Graphcomment email notifications ?

If you think you should have received emails from Graphcomment who have never succeeded, remember to check your SPAM folder. You can add the sender address of our emails in your contacts so that your mailer always trusts our messages.